A Shivakumar

A Shivakumar

LIFE INSURANCE – Everybody NEEDS IT but nobody WANTS IT…

 YES! It is the stark reality of present times, when it comes to buying a life insurance policy, somany doubts and stigmas are attached to it and people are not aware of the real truths and the immense benefits that a good Life insurance Policyoffers.

 And that is my MISSION in Life.  To educate people and elaborate about the importance of having alife insurance policy and help them choose the best policy for their particular needs and future plans.

Having adequate life insurance can greatly affect a person’s financial wellbeing, and hence, hugely impacts  his/her ability to protect his/her family.

I am Shivakumar, your trusted Insurance policy advisor/consultant. I say trusted becausehonesty is my core value that I live by and also my strength to generate trust in my interactions professional or otherwise.

I had have humble beginnings and a difficult childhood. My hardships in life made me realize the importance of money and I promised myself that my children wouldn't face similar problems

And I did exactly that, I became responsible and loving provider to my parents, my wife and children but a personal tragedy with a close relative forced me toReallythink…. Who would be there for my family if ,God forbids,  something untowardhappens to me ?

This profound experience changed my focus in life. My search and good fortune led me to LIC and first & foremost, I secured my family’s future and set out to do the same for my relatives and friends. My dedication & deep interest in other’s well being encouraged me to qualify myself professionally as an Insurance advisor. My Trainings & certificationsenable me to offer the best advice to my clients regarding the insurance policies.

My main aim,in educating people about their wellbeing as a wellwisher ,main motive is to empower them with the correct and complete knowledge and show them the way to have a safe and secure future for themselves and their loved ones.

I believe that if one has the Right knowledge, it is easier to take the Right Decisions.

 My expertise:

  1. To Analyze every client’s special needs and suggesting them the most suitable option of the policies available in the market.
  2. To help the clients to get maximum value for their investment.
  3. To build a LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP with my clients based on the values of love & care.
  4. To keep the BENEFITS and FINANCIAL WELL BEING of my Clients as my top priority.

Please connect with me now  to learn how simple it is to have a secure and peaceful future for yourself and the people you love.

With Best Wishes,


Your Trusted Insurance Advisor

Ph: 9740998903 / 7899992493.