A Non-Participating, Unit Linked, Individual Pension Plan. It may be used by individuals to build corpus by systematic and disciplined savings, which can be converted into regular income as annuity on retirement or even as early as 35 years of age.

Eligibility Criteria


Age at Entry       : Minimum 25 Years Completed

                            Maximum 75 Years Completed

Policy Term        : 10 to 42

Premium Payment Options

Single and Regular Premium Payment options are available. For Regular Premium, Premium Payment Term will be the same as the Policy Term.


Minimum Premium as per Premium Payment Mode


Rs. 30,000


Rs. 16,000


Rs. 9,000


Rs. 3,000

(There is no limit for Maximum Premium)


Investment Options Available

  • Pension Bond Fund
  • Pension Secured Fund
  • Pension Balanced Fund
  • Pension Growth Fund
  • Pension Discontinued Fund


Guaranteed Additions

It shall be payable only if the Policy is in-force i.e. all due premiums have been paid.

The Guaranteed Additions shall be added to the Unit Fund as a percentage of Annual Premium (for Regular Premium Policy) or Single Premium.


End of Policy Year

Guaranteed Additions per Annum
(As percentage of Annualized Premium for Regular Premium Policy)

Guaranteed Additions per Annum
(As percentage of Single Premium)


5.00 %

4.00 %


10.00 %

5.00 %

11th to 15th

4.00 %

1.25 %

16th to 20th

5.50 %

1.50 %

21st to 25th

7.00 %

2.00 %

26th to 30th

8.75 %

2.50 %

31st to 35th

10.75 %

3.00 %

36th to 40th

13.00 %

3.75 %

41th to 42nd

15.50 %

4.50 %


Death Benefit

If the Policy is in-force, the nominee will receive an amount of Higher of the Fund value or 105% of the Total Premium Paid (excluding Taxes, Interest on Late Payment and Charges, if any)


Partial Withdrawals

  • It is allowed Maximum Three times during the entire policy term.
  • Policy Holder can partially withdraw the units after completion of 5 Years.
  • It is allowed for specified reasons like Higher Education or Marriage of Children, Construction of House, Treatment of Critical illness of Self or Spouse, etc.
  • Partial withdrawal shall not exceed below defined percentage of the unit fund.


For Regular Premium Policies:

Annual Premium

% of Unit Fund Value

Less than Rs. 50,000

10 %

Rs. 50,000 and less than Rs. 1,00,000

15 %

Rs. 1,00,000 and Above

25 %


For Single Premium Policies:

Single Premium

% of Unit Fund Value

Less than Rs. 2,00,000

10 %

Rs. 2,00,000 and less than Rs. 5,00,000

15 %

Rs. 5,00,000 and Above

25 %